Harmony Healing Centre Workshops

Neither the continents of Lemuria nor Atlantis are destined to rise again in the physical. Instead, they will be reborn through the energies of those who have chosen to incarnate at this time.


The Lemurian Council of Light - through Lenise - invites you to re-create and re-manifest the resources of these civilisations in a new pure and shining form.

The following workshops, attunements and courses have been specially channelled and will enable you to re-discover your legacy of amazing skills and talents and carry these pure, loving and beautiful energies forward for a glowing, happy and harmonious future.


NEW FOR 2019


Atlantis & Lemuria Workshop with Lenise and Jacqueline Mary Piper - 13th July 2019  at Bosham House - 1100 till 4pm

contact Lenise directly for more details


7 and 12 Ray workshops 

These rays are basic energies and are made up from the frequencies of light energy arriving on our planet. The Rays are different from the chakras (energy centres within the body) - they impact the Chakra system and each Ray will have a special impact on each Chakra. The Rays help us to ascend into higher consciousness and arfe the main qualities aiding our learning and discovery at a planetary level.

Crystalline Attunements

Harmony Healing Centre is proud to offer a range of Temple of Light Attunements to allow you bring in the Light of Lemurian and Atlantean energies to nourish, support and develop your Crystalline Lightbody for the next stage of our spiritual developmental journey.

By becomming a true Crystalline Being we can live in a state of Bliss. To achieve this state in our life our profile is to be coherently spiritual, creatively thoughtful, emotionally intelligent and directly purposeful. The following Attunements have been channelled by Lenise to help you acclimate to the higher vibrational energies and fully awaken your Crystalline Lightbody:~ 

Dragon Attunement

Lenise will channel the energy of the Atlantean Dragon to re-connect you with their esoteric knowledge and clear lower energy blockages to allow you to move forward freely in truth and love along your spiritual path

Saturday tbc  11am - 4pm, £55

Angel and Unicorn Attunement

You are invited to receive deep healing through meditation from your Angel and Unicorn guides and be attuned to higher energy healing for yourself and others

Saturday date tbc  11am - 4pm, £55

Atlantean Attunement

Lenise will channel ancient Atlantean energies to unlock the knowledge and wisdom that has long been held encoded in your DNA and help you clear karma from past lives.

Saturday 10th November 2018, £55

Lemurian Attunement 

You are invited to join Lenise on a journey to connect with your Soul Family and visit the Healing Temples to become attuned with the pure love of the Heart of the Soul

Saturday tbc  £55


All Attunements cost £55 and will take place during a one~day workshop. Groups are deliberately kept to low numbers and tailored 1~1 Attunements can be tailored to suit the invidual. For more details contact Lenise via the contact form to book your special experience.

I have the honour to invite you to re-awaken the template of creation within you.



Atlantis & Lemuria  - A spiritual blueprint for life

Many people are re-connecting with ancient knowlege that was encoded into our DNA from the time of Atlantis and Lemuria; often this knowledge is experienced during dreams. This workshop is designed to gently lead you to discover the keys to enable you to unlock your unique and individual code. During the day you will connect with your ancient Soul family and gain insights into your legacy.

The energy exchange for this transformational day is £55

 Date: Saturday tbc



Unicorns are stepping forward now to be of assistance to us on our journey at this momentous time.

During this empowering workshop the Unicorns will share healing energy and wisdom which will allow your Inner Light to shine out.

The energy exchange for the day is £55

This is a popular workshop so early booking is advisable

Date: tbc  1100 - 1600


A Celebration of Dragons

Each of you is unique and has been called to earth at this time to offer your skills and gifts for Humanity.

Many of you have heard the call of the Dragon Realm because, as Earth Keepers, you are the re-incarnated Dragon Keepers of Atlantis. Sacred Dragon Knowledge is available to you as these Dragons are returning to assist our planet and Humanity to regain balance with the elements and help with the shift into the Higher Dimensions.

Lenise will channel the energy of the Atlantean Dragons to re-connect you with their esoteric knowledge.

The energy exchange for the day is £55

Date: tbc  1100 - 1600


Certificated Card Reading Course 

Oracle Cards are a wonderful way for you to communicate with the Higher Realms - for yourself and for others.

This interactive 4 week course is designed to show you how  to use a range of different card spreads and guide you to a new level of confidence, enabling you to be a channel for  the Higher Realms and Angels. You will be able to give beautiful and loving guidance to those who seek it, helping people to overcome the challenges they may be experiencing. 

The energy exchange for this life-enhancing course is £80 and includes a manual and certificate of completion.

Dates: Mondays ~ 21st & 28th Jan, 4th & 11th Feb 2019

Time: 1045 - 1245


Crystal Grids & Pendulums 

This workshop is designed for anyone wishing to take their knowledge of using crystals for helaing to the next level, exploring the energies of crystal grids for personal and planetary use and how to use a pendulum for clearing and balancing.

The energy exchange for the day is £55

Date: Saturday tbc


Lemurian Attunements

I offer these on a 1-1 basis. Please contact me for more details of how you can awaken your connection at this time to assist with raising the consciousness of humanity.


Other developmental 1-day workshops and courses offered by the Temple of Light include:-


Psychic Development Day -  for those wishing to awaken or strengthen their psychic connection. 

Sacred Geometry -  enhance your life by connecting with the ancient and sacred symbols


Goddess Workshop - connect and awaken the Goddess within


Introduction to Crystals - a useful workshop for those wishing to begin their crystal journey


Unicorn Energy Healing - open the doorway to working with the Unicorn dimensions


Angel Discovery Day - connect with the Angelic Realm to help you in your every day life


Flower Essences for Everyday Use - how to choose and use essences in everyday life

Flower Essence Course - provides an in-depth study of a range of essences


Introduction to Aromatherapy - how to use essential oils safely in the home


For more information on any of the workshops and courses I offer, please email me via the contact form, thank  you.


NB: please find details of Angelic Reiki, Angelic Lightworker, Crystal and Lotus Chakra courses on my Angelic School of Light page.