Harmony Healing Centre Therapies


Angel Therapy

Working with the Angels, we offer ways to ease your concerns either through Angel Therapy or a Reading. The Angels will give comforting and honest answers to any questions you may have regarding your career, relationships or love life. Their guidance is loveing, helpful and non-judgemental.

Angelic Reiki

A powerful, restorative therapy that works with the highest energies of the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers.You are lovingly supported by the Angelic Kingdom of Light throughout the treatment.


Crystals for Chakra Balancing

A rebalancing treatment using the crystals to help remove  energy blockages and rebalance your chakras to restore your energy levels


Guided meditation for groups or individuals, meditation is an increasingly popular and proven way to promote and maintain health and wellbeing.

Flower Essences

A stand alone therapy or used in combination with the above therapies to promote spiritual wellbeing

Atlantean Energy Therapy

Working in harmony with the Angelic Realm we are here to help you find your true path in life using high vibrational therapy techniques. Each ssession will incorporate an individualised range of  energy  modalities including Angelic Reiki, crystal therapy. sound, flower essences and homeopathy.

Soul Plan Reading

Helping you reconnect with your true life purpose!

Soul Plan is a modern interpretation of an ancient system of life purpose analysis to help you discover the challenges, skills and opportunities you chose this lifetime.

Your Soul Plan helps you understand the goals you have set yourself and helps you see how to achieve them. 

Reach your Soul's Destiny by understanding the reasons behind certain life experiences and find the hidden values that lie within

Learn how to change  negative patterns into positive ones.