Harmony Healing Centre Angel Readings

Angel ReadingsDo you have any questions regarding  your relationship, career or money matters? An Angel Reading will give you answer and advice and guide you for the future. The Angels’ guidance is comforting, loving, honest, non-judgemental and confidential.

Using beautiful oracle cards, the Angels give you personal messages, direction and answers to your questions.
I have been privileged to study with Sue Owen and Cobie Andrews at the Angelic School of Light and am honoured to be able to offer ways for  you to gain an insight and enhance your life.
Angel Reading last for approximately one hour. Please  phone 01243 544117 to book your appointment.
The energy exchange for each Reading is £55

Angel Reading Parties

Angel Parties provide a heavenly, fun way for a group of friends to get together. Connecting with teh Angelic Realm, we use angel cards for you and your guests during our time together. All messages are given with love and kindness adn willprovide answers to a question or issue surrounding you in your life. 

Angel Parties are held in your home. Each 15 minute reading has an energy exchange of £10. With a minimum of 6 guests, the hostess' reading is free. With 6 - 10 guests the hostess will receive her choice  of a free pack of Oracle cards.

If you would like to arange an Angel Reading Party, please phone 01243 544117 or email ~ enquiries@harmonyhealingcentre.co.uk 

I look foreward to hearing from you

*Angel Blessings*